Random thoughts

Okay, there are a few things that I’d like to know if I’m the only one…

1. When I get tired, my thoughts have a British accent.
2. When I am in the giggly stage of tiredness, I tend to do what Greg lovingly calls “my old man laugh” – silent but wheezy.
3. Sometimes when I’m reading my bible, God just makes me laugh. Either I have a thought about how things were back in the day-like Jesus as a 2 year old playing with bugs, or He does something that strikes me in a funny way-like when God says “I, the Lord, have spoken!”  Which translates into, as Drill Instructors say, “Do it now! Move!”
4. When I’m in the shower, I tend to sing Marine Corps cadence from boot camp back in 1998.
There are more random thoughts…just can’t locate them at the moment.  I think I’ve had too much caffeine today.  Maybe I’ll make it a weekly thing like Random Thoughts Thursday (never mind that today is Wednesday).  
Anyways, a shameless plug for my baby girl.  Trinity is 8, and has been singing as long as I can remember.  She has ALWAYS had a song in her heart.  She sings in the shower, in bed, in the truck, at the dinner table, everywhere.  She’s never sang in front of anyone besides us, until my dad’s wedding this fall.  She was very nervous, but ended up singing in front of about 50 or so guests.  Once they started clapping & rooting her on, I could hardly drag her off the stage.  So, here’s the video – please leave her comments, she is very excited about being on the internet.  You can leave her comments here or on vimeo

Trinity Singing Oct 08 from Jessica Alexander on Vimeo.

Trinity singing at her grandfather’s (Pepa Rob) wedding reception October 2008 in Sturkie, AR.
First part is part of a song she wrote when she was 6 called “Come On Daddy-O”.
Second part is her rendition of One-Way Jesus by Hillsong.

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