Self torture…

Not sure why I do it, but I go through phases where I NEED to purge our house of miscellaneous crap that we have accumulated. I am currently in one of those phases. It all started when Chubbs broke the top bunk on her & Froggy’s bunk bed. Granted, it wasn’t that sturdy to begin with, but bouncing on the top bunk was not a good idea…I’m so thankful that Froggy wasn’t under there when it came crashing down…it could have been VERY bad. Because of this incident, we needed to purchase another bunk bed. I found one in the paper that was perfect, and came with a new dresser & loveseat type thing. We didn’t need any of those things, but whatever…it was that or nothing. While in the disassembling/assembling/rearranging process, I noticed ALOT of junk, outgrown/not-played-with toys, things not where they belong, etc. I began to purge Chubbs & Froggy’s room…2 days & 3 garbage sacks later, the end is in sight. The torture part of this venture is that for some unknown reason, I decided I needed to rearrange & purge Princess2T & Pickle’s room as well. I am taking a break…maybe for the rest of the day. I’ve filled 2 garbage bags, moved a very heavy bunkbed, and made a huge mess of their bookshelves. I am maybe half way through. I now have 2 messy rooms that I need to finish before they get home from school on Friday…all I want to do is take a nap & watch netflix.

Princess2t & Pickle's progress. Ugh.

Chubbs & Froggy's room...almost finished!

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