Sensa Weight Loss System *REVIEW*

Several weeks ago, I received a 3 month supply of Sensa from the great people over at Rocket XL for me to try and review. I really wanted to give this a fair review, so I’ve been using it for almost 2 months. It took me awhile to get started because I really wanted to read up on it and make sure it was safe and everything. I didn’t really need to lose much weight, just about 10 or so vanity pounds, and I didn’t want to be taking anything risky. Originally I was pretty skeptical about this product because it just seemed too easy. All you have to do is remember to sprinkle the ‘Tastants’ on all your food. Seems simple right? It is. The basic idea behind this weight loss system is that you sprinkle your food with the Tastants, they do something to stimulate your olfactory nerve, and you get full faster…therefore eating less food. You get 2 shakers a month (one to keep at home, and one for your purse or bag for when you eat out) that have 2 sides ~ ‘SWEET’ and ‘SALTY’. The Tastants don’t really taste that much, so you barely notice it at all flavor-wise. You shake the ‘SWEET’ over sweet foods like fruit, cereal, desserts, etc., and ‘SALTY’ over salty foods like meat, veggies, salty snacks, etc.

I started this product test at the heaviest I’d been since I had Grayson…124 lbs. Some of you may be like ‘Oooohhhh 124 lbs…big whoop’ but when you’re barely 5′ tall (if I stretch) it can be a big deal. There were times that I forgot to sprinkle my food, but overall I’ve been fairly consistent at remembering. (There was one week that I was pretty sick and didn’t want to eat anything, but since I needed to eat for strength, I didn’t use it…I think I ended up gaining a pound or two back, but it’s gone again.) After the first week, I noticed I wasn’t eating near as much…I was getting full faster. To me this was huge because I’m the kind that eats every bite because I don’t want to waste food. Even if I feel as though I’m about to burst, I will shove down those last few bites. Not anymore. I’ve began starting out with less even when I’m super hungry. If I’m still hungry after I finish, I’ll go back for more, but that doesn’t happen often. The last time I weighed myself I was 116 lbs. I have lost 8 lbs. and done ZERO exercise. (Not that this is a good thing, it’s just a fact.) I do plan on getting back into the gym soon though. I can only imagine what that number would have been if I had been exercising like I was a few months ago.

Overall, I was pretty impressed that it actually worked like it said it would, and it was very easy to keep up with. The only negatives I could see were that for some reason the ‘SALTY’ Tastants didn’t shake out as well as the ‘SWEET’. (Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning to be fair.) Also, I was a little embarrassed to bust out my shaker when we were eating out. I got several questions and a couple strange looks. Nothing bad enough to keep me from sprinkling away though. Questions are good…word of mouth works!

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