Slacker! No wait…I’ve been busy.`

Okay, once again I have neglected my blog.  You could say I’ve been slacking, but I have been extremely busy.  Guess I just need to prioritize my time a bit better.  Rather than playing on Twitter I guess I need to be updating my blog daily. =) Mind you, not everyday is exciting, but I will attempt to update even if just a few lines.  

We have finally completed all our Christmases…5 in total, plus 2 birthday parties (including a slumber party with a total of 5 girls).  When I have a chance to upload pics I will.  Went a little lazy on the cakes this time…no fondant.  We had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a new year of abundance.  Trinity has been rocking out with her “tPod” (mp3 player), Kylie has been torturing us with her violin, Kara continually destroys her room with a mound of dolls, and Grayson loves his train table & hot wheels-he has to bring at least one wherever we go.    
We have been battling colds, fluishness, strepthroat, fifths disease, and ringworm for the past few weeks.  All I’m going to say about the ringworm is that we picked up K & K from their mom on NYE, and they had a total of 39 ringworm “boo-boo’s” between them both.  Not cool.  Been doctoring them for 6 days now, and washing their sheets/towels daily – insane amounts of laundry.  They are almost all clear, and none of us have gotten any – PRAISE GOD!
I didn’t actually make resolutions this year, but have set goals.  Resolutions always seem to be broken, so I am hoping to achieve my goals.  Just to hold myself accountable, I am listing them here.
1) Read the bible daily  2) Exercise at least 15 min. daily  3) Let go (of bitterness, anger, etc.) 4) Get a little more organized & stick to the Flylady plan (Part of this that pertains to #3 is not stressing about others not being organized – it is out of my control!) 5) Budget, Budget, Budget
So far, I have been doing quite well with my goals.  #3 is very difficult for me since I have to deal with the people quite often, and I haven’t been totally doing #4, but I am getting there.  

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