Sporting a new do

After Grayson’s disasterous hair cut last week, I made an appointment with my friend Kim to fix his hair, and cut and color mine.  She is stinking awesome!  His hair is 1000x better, and mine rocks!  It is the kind of hair style I have been saying I dislike for quite some time, and I love it.  It is shorter in the back than in the front, just not drastically.  I think that is what I was not liking was the dramatic angle from back to front.  Anyways, my hair is DARK brown naturally, and it now has some blonde highlights…which I also love.  She actually told me I could pull off being a blonde because of my skin tone.  How cool is that?

The first pic is when she styled it, which of course seemed simple.  Blow dry forward, & straighten a bit to control any flippies.  The second is after my shower when I just blow dried – no products, no straightening, nada.  I like it both ways, but it will mainly be the 2nd way just because it’s faster.  I’m all about faster when I’m wrangling 4 kids.  Regardless of how I fix it, Greg loves the new me.  FYI, Grayson’s after-after pic will have to wait until tomorrow he conked out in his high-chair during dinner.

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