Summer Giveaway Sneak Peak!

I’m the type of person that buys gifts all year long when I come across a good deal. Whether it be for someone specific, or just an emergency present, I’ll buy it even if I end up holding it for a year if it’s a good enough price. The problem with this is, that when it comes to my husband or if it’s just something I’m too excited about, I can hardly contain myself and I end up giving the gift early. For some reason, I’m able to control myself with the kids…maybe it’s because of the magic of holidays to kids or something, who knows? Anyway, I have been talking with Big Puppy about this giveaway that I am wanting to host this summer. To me it is huge. Not only because of how much it’s worth financially, but more so because of how much it can change lives. This is something I’ve began to budget for, and if I am awarded the Mom Central Blogger Grant, I will be able to beef up the prize even more! (They recently announced that I made the final round & have a chance to be awarded 1 of 5 $2k grants! I’m so excited!)

I don’t want to totally give away the surprise, but I did want to give a little heads up to my wonderful readers…if you are married or soon to be married, you do not want to miss out on this giveaway! I will announce the big giveaway on June 21st, the first day of summer…stay tuned.

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