Sweet Innocence

We love Sunday.  First of all, we attend the greatest church on the planet – Brand New Church.  We both are blessed by being able to serve as volunteers.  Greg typically runs the lights both services, and I run the registration/check-in desk before both services, but get to attend the second service.  Lately we have been leaving after the worship in the second service before the message starts, and attending the iCampus at 5pm.  This is really working for us on the weekends we have the kids because they don’t have to physically be at the church for so long.  Well, the other side of this is that my son’s view of God is slightly skewed.  The only time he sees our pastor is when we are watching the message on the iCampus, so all he hears is him talking about God.  (Not that this is negative, it’s just fact.)  Tonight while attending the iCampus, at the end it went from our pastor Shannon, to the iCampus pastor Fred.  When this switch happened, my sweet little boy turned to me with a look of confusion, and asked “Where God?”.  This precious, innocent child thinks our pastor is God.  I love it!  When we asked him “Where’s God?” he either replies “In the sky” or points at the TV.  This was the perfect comedic way to end our day.  After a good laugh, tickles, and some snuggles, we attempted to explain God to a 2 year old…we will see how much of that is actually retained.  The innocence of childhood is priceless.

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