Tackle It/To Do Tuesday

This is the first time I have participated in either Tackle It Tuesday or To Do Tuesday, so I figured I’d just combine them since my Tackle It is on my To Do List.  I actually began tackling this mess yesterday, but didn’t have any zip ties, so I will finish it up today.  It doesn’t look like much, but it drives me nuts when I have to plug my camera or camcorder into Greg’s computer and I have to deal with this:

Okay, on with my to-do list for this week…
1. Stick to my work-out 6 days this week.  M-  T-  W-  T-  F-  S-  
2. Plan menu for 2 weeks.
3. Make shopping list w/ coupons.
4. Grocery shopping.
5. Blog. T-  W-  T-  F-  S-  
6. Find Chili’s gift card.
7. Purge pantry.
8. Clean refrigerator.
9. Clean up/label wires behind entertainment center/computers.
10. Court…so dreading this. 
11. Clean out truck/run through car wash.
12. Make T a dentist appointment.
13. Begin planning T’s birthday party.
Wow…once I put it down, it doesn’t really seem like that much, but there are so many little things that I already have a routine of doing that I don’t feel the need to put them down…like the never ending flow of laundry, sweeping, etc.
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0 thoughts on “Tackle It/To Do Tuesday

  1. “Say awwwww!” Too cute but I was thinking that if this would have been my sisters and I growing up one of us would have shoved our fingers in and gagged the other just cuz. We were mean little kids. :-)

    Happy WW!

  2. Never too early to have good dental health. hehe

    I love the mask and gloves she is wearing. So realistic. :o )

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  3. Adorable. They’re learning to take care of people young. LOL.

  4. Wow, looks like she has a thriving practice… with another patient waiting in the wings. :)

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