The Appendectomy Adventure

Last night, after dinner, I began having abdominal cramps. I originally thought it might be gas cramps, then heartburn, then the word appendix crept into my head. It continued getting worse for about 5 hours…5 long hours of attempting, and failing to get comfortable…before finally asking my Mom (who was in the last 30-45 minutes of her 13 hour drive here from Galveston to visit us) about her previous appendix experience. After discussing things with her and consulting WebMD, I became really nervous that I was having problems with my appendix. When Mom arrived I was persuaded to go to ER by a very insistent Mother & a concerned husband. We checked into the ER at 1:30am, I was seen by a Doctor, had blood drawn, an IV started, a CT scan, and a consult with the surgeon by 6:00am. This was my view…for what seemed like forever.

Once it was determined (by the CT scan) that I would indeed have to have an appendectomy, I was transferred to Pre-OP. Being overly tired, and a little nervous about general anesthesia I kept randomly crying…which in turn really ticked me off because I had no control over the tears. After kissing Greg bye to head into surgery, the nurse gave me what she lovingly called ‘I don’t care medicine’, and I was wheeled towards the OR. Next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. They had removed my appendix laparoscopically, and I would most likely be released that afternoon. Gotta love modern medicine.
I was soon reunited with my wonderful husband, and put in a regular room. I dozed on and off, ate some liquid lunch,
and was told around 3:30 that I was being discharged. When I went to get dressed, it came to my attention that a certain article of clothing was missing…my bra. Not only my bra, but my favorite bra. Black with purple straps, and crazy neon embroidered shapes on it. (This is not TMI…just relevant detail.) Somehow, after I removed it before my CT scan, and before I was taken into surgery it disappeared. I, of course, blamed Greg since he is who I threw it at to stuff into my purse…he blamed the nurse. Regardless of who lost it…it was missing. Greg, slightly embarrassed about the missing undergarment told me to forget it, he’d buy me a new one. So what did I do? Told the nurse I’d lost my bra. She called down to ER, and they explained what had happened. They located it earlier that morning, and attempted to send it up with my surgeon, but he refused to carry the crazy designed bra enclosed in the clear plastic bag up to the 2nd floor. We picked it up on our way out.
I arrived home, one useless organ lighter, to my sweet baby boy, being cared for by my amazing Mom, tons of encouraging messages on Facebook & Twitter from my wonderful friends and family, and a vase of beautiful flowers from my fantastic brother & sister-in-law.
A huge thank you to all of you. I truly appreciate each and every one of you…my readers, family, friends, and the great staff at the hospital. Needless-to-say I feel loved.

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