The Battle Continues

We have an ant problem. No matter how clean my kitchen is, the ants run amok. This is a huge annoyance to me since my kitchen is small as it is, and I love to cook. We’ve used the granules around the perimeter of our house to try to get rid of them, and they didn’t work. They’ve even invaded Greg’s car. My main course of action against the ants has been sucking them up with my vacuum. I actually find enjoyment watching them fly off the windowsill or counter into the swirling vortex of death. Well, on Sunday before we left for church, Greg insisted on putting a drop of honey on the counter to try to attract as many as possible so we could kill a bunch in one swipe. I reluctantly agreed on this move because I was curious exactly how many would come, but didn’t want to try to attract more ants. I added some Borax to the honey just in case some went back home to their colony…maybe we’d kill a few extras. After being gone for a couple hours we returned to find this…
The kids of course thought this was the most amazing thing they’d ever seen. Kylie kept screeching about how Dad was a genius. I. was. mortified. The fact that there were so many ‘bugs’ in my kitchen made me want to bust out the bleach. Evidently they knew death was coming and tried to send us a message of their love by eating the circle of borax laden honey into a heart.
It didn’t work. I sucked up the trail with the vacuum, and Greg sprayed the ‘heart’ with kitchen cleaner and wiped them away. I am currently researching different methods of getting rid of these stinking ants. Next on the list is hitting the health food store for some essential oils. My goal is to not have to call a professional for my psychiatric well being to rid my house of ants.

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