The countdown has begun…

The countdown has begun.

I’ve slowly been planning this vacation since January. A few things have changed, but nothing major. Our hotel is booked.

Our drive is roughly mapped (with a few scenic/fun detours along the way). I’ve purchased almost everything we will need…still hoping to get cool sun hats for all the girls & boonie covers for the guys. We are crazy excited to see family I haven’t seen in about 7 years, and Greg & 3/4 of the kids have never even met.

I’m ready for my babies to see the vastness of the ocean, smell the salt in the breeze, feel the beach sand between their tiny toes for the first time. Of course, they’ve seen pictures of where we’re going, but you can never really grasp the awesomeness of how large and wonderful God’s creation is unless you see it with your own eyes. It’s the same way with the mountains, you know their big, but you don’t understand until you actually see them up close.

We have some pretty cool things planned that the kids have no clue about in addition to lots of beach time…I’ll be posting about those surprises while we’re there. Overall, we will be driving for a total of about 2500 miles/44 hours, and I think I have that covered as well…random games/activities, snacks, and DS’s for each child, complete with car chargers. I may have over-prepared, but it’s better to do that then have to hear ‘Are we there yet?’ 12 bazillion times over the course of our trip. I’m sure we will still hear that dreaded question, but hopefully my preparation will minimize the quantity. Aside from our safety, I’m praying for our sanity…either I’ve done a great job to prepare for this adventure, or I’ve lost my stinking mind taking 4 kids half way across the country.

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