‘The Diet’…dun-da-dun!!!!

Okay, so I finally decided to post about this diet journey Big Puppy and I are on. It is the HCG program (drops, not shots). After watching my Mom lose over 50lbs, we decided to give it a try. As of right now, we are on day 13, and have lost a combined total of over 17lbs. It’s fairly easy, and not near as much torture as I envisioned. I’m not particularly ‘overweight’, but I have about 10lbs or so that I could stand to lose – mainly in my belly area…2 C-sections & an appendectomy can do that to ya. Anyways, in the past I’ve had success with Pilates, Yoga, Tae-Bo, etc. but have never combined the actual diet aspect. I guess the only ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on was some sort of tuna thing I vaguely remember, and the ‘Daniel Fast’…which I bent the rules on.

Not me...just in case you were wondering. LOL

Okay, back to details about the current diet:
Day 1-3 = Loading Phase (aka stuff yourself w/ junk food until you wanna puke)
On day 1, we took photos (which we will NOT be sharing…sorry), took measurements (which we jacked up, so they don’t really count), and weighed in.

Day 4-26 = Stage 2 (Very Low Calorie Diet) 500 calories a day consisting of a total of 200 grams of protein, 2 fruits, tiny amounts of carbs, and tons of veggies.

In addition, there are homoeopathic drops that you place under your tongue 4x a day (Day 1-23)…they ‘activate’ the bad fat so your body will use it rather than the good fat (yes, there is such a thing…I questioned that too). They also help suppress hunger. Oh, and you have to drink at least a liter of water a day…and you CANNOT exercise.

Day 27-47 = Stage 3 (NO Sugar/Starch) You get to increase your calories to 1500 a day, but still avoid sugar & carbs. There’s alot more you can eat variety wise, and you can exercise.

Day 48-68 = Stage 4 (Maintenance) This is where you slowly integrate starch & sugar back into your diet. ¬†Hopefully you’ve learned that you need to watch your calorie intake…as in don’t pound a whole sleeve of Oreos, or eat a bag of Doritos…or your hard work will be for nothing & you’ll gain it all back.
This diet can be repeated until you are at your goal weight, there is a waiting period between cycles, but since we’re only doing this once, I have no clue what that waiting period is. I’m pretty excited about being at the halfway point of stage 2…I know it sounds weird, but I can’t wait to exercise! One thing we’ve learned is that we were not eating as good as we thought, and eating healthy isn’t too bad. The amount of food we are eating fills us up, and we have not been fatigued at all. I don’t know if I’d recommend this diet to those with very little weight to lose…it’s a little disheartening to go days only losing tenths of a pound even though you are losing inches, but for those with 20+ lbs to lose I think this is a good, healthy solution.

Feel free to ask me any questions about it…my Mom’s the ‘expert’, so I’ll ask her & let you know. =) Also there are iPhone Apps that are very helpful…the one I use is: hCG Diet app

My goal is to be between 105 & 110 (I’m barely 5′ if I really stretch) before we leave for Spring Break. ¬†(I’ll be posting about that soon…vacation for me, Big Puppy, & Froggy to Cocoa Beach/West Palm Beach…WOOT!) As of today, I have at least 9 more pounds to shed, and I can guarantee that I will be exercising hard core in about 13 more days…wish me luck! :)

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