The Great Camera Debacle

Okay, so we leave for Florida, and about 2 hours into our drive we realize we forgot the camera. I wanted to cry. How could a person who loves to take pictures of every minute thing forget the camera?! So, we decide to buy one once we stop at a Walmart. We go in and pick out a fairly inexpensive, but good quality camera…the Nikon Coolpix S8100.

I immediately love it. I’m playing with the features, customising it, fixing all the settings, etc. We video the sunrise one morning, take tons of photos of the ocean, walks on the beach, Froggy’s random daily cuteness…we are totally loving the camera.

Froggy being 'scared' of the 'Dinosaur Toe' he found on the beach.

We travel from Cocoa Beach down to West Palm Beach to visit more family and to attend my Uncle Joey’s wedding. I’m super excited about using my new camera, and about 5 shots into the wedding, the camera freaks out & shows ‘lens error’ on the screen. I try to turn it off…nothing. Another bridesmaid walks down the aisle, I begin to panic. I pop out the battery…nothing. I gently twist, push, & pull on the lens…nothing. The wedding march begins. I am beyond ticked off. I stand, holding a nearly $300 worthless piece of crap, and smile as my new Aunt glides beautifully down the aisle. Throughout the beautiful ceremony, I am elated at how happy my Uncle is & how beautiful the wedding is, yet infuriated at how I can’t take any photos to capture this special moment! We end up taking a few hundred pictures with my iPhone…which aren’t too bad, but aren’t that great either. After the reception, we begin our journey home stopping in Panama City Beach to visit more family & to pick up Pickle & Chubbs. We return the camera at the nearest Walmart, but they don’t have the same one, so I end up purchasing the Samsung PL210.

It doesn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that I do not like this one as much as the other one. I took some good pictures of the kids with family, got some beautiful final shots of the ocean, and then notice that the zoom button is getting stuck. Seriously?! I’ve had this camera for a couple hours and it’s already starting to jack up? Once we make it back home, I give it another day or so before I decide I need to return this one as well. So yesterday, I returned the camera and bought our second Coolpix S8100…yeah, I know, we’re home & didn’t really need it, but our old camera isn’t the greatest, so I still bought it. The return process on both cameras was a catastrophe in itself because of the not-so-helpful-or-friendly-or-bright employees at the various Walmart’s we visited. So, basically over the course of 2 weeks, I’ve purchased 3 cameras, and still don’t own the mack-daddy camera I really want. Hopefully the blogging contest I’m participating in for the grant will end well and I can get it. If you haven’t voted today, please head over to Facebook & vote for me & my blog! Thanks!

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