The Park

Yesterday, I picked Trinity up from school, and 2 other girls that I watch 2x a week and decided since it was warm and a beautiful day that I would take them to the park.  I knew today would be back in the 30/40′s and thought they would enjoy the fresh air.  Grayson loved the slide, but it was very static-y.  Every time he came down and I would guide him (so he wouldn’t fly off the end), I would get shocked.  And I mean SHOCKED…it was really starting to get to me when he decided he wanted to play with the rocks instead.  The girls had been taking the rocks up to the top of the twirly slide and then after collecting a bunch would push them down.  This was great fun for them…not sure why, but hey, they were entertained.  I decided to open my big mouth and explain since there were 3 of them, they could form a line and get the rocks up faster that way.  During the “line” episode, I was helping Grayson find a yellow (aka yehyo) rock when I was nailed in the face with a shoe.  It hurt, but didn’t bleed, so all was well.  Soon after this, right before it was time to go, the girls decided it would be a good idea to put rocks down their pants.  Don’t ask me why.  This resulted in screaming/laughing and crazy dancing as rocks were being expelled from underpants.

Honestly, I don’t understand why these weird random things happen to me, but it does keep life interesting.

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