Things I Love

Yesterday there was no school in honor of Martin Luther King day, so I was home with all 4 kids.  Overall we had a decent day…chocolate chip pancakes & scrambled eggs for breakfast, made collars for all their Webkinz – over 30 *sheesh*, played the Wii, water colored Chinese lanterns…you get the picture.  There was also fighting between the middle 2 – K & K.  Seems like whenever Kara (aka K#2) is alone with any of the other kids WW III ensues.  If it’s w/ T – there is always crying, w/ K#1 – screaming “I’m gonna tell Mom!”, w/ G – he bites her.  (She’s the only person he bites.)  In addition to the fighting, Trinity has acquired this heinous attitude, and Grayson has decided to become a nudist.  So, needless to say…

1) I love the kids’ first day back to school after a long weekend or holiday.
In an earlier post, I commented on how Grayson was under the impression that Shannon, our pastor, was God, and how we attempted to explain to him this was not the case.  (For the entire story read the post entitled “Sweet Innocence”.)  Well, despite our lesson on who God is, last night when Greg went to pray with the kids, every time Greg said “God”, Grayson whispered “Shannon”. 
2) I love the “facts” that pop into my 2 year old’s head and stick.
Yes, my kids drive me crazy, but I love them more than life.  I would do anything for my children, and I think this is the way it should be.  We are a mixed family – Greg and I both have children from previous marriages, so our kids lives are not as normal as we would have liked.  We have the girls week on/week off, so the switching back and forth sometimes has consequences.  We attempt to deal with these issues the least stressful way for the kids even if it causes us turmoil.  For this reason, sometimes we are not the most popular parents.  We tend to be a little more structured, which typically means more strict.  We also hold our kids to a high standard.  So when out of the blue, the kid that has recently had some serious behavior issues, says “I hope you have a great day tomorrow, Mom.”, it melts my heart. 
3) I love random spouts of love from my stepdaughter.
There you have it…3 things that I have loved this week.  I may make this a weekly thing as well, like “Things I Love, Tuesday”…stay tuned to find out. =)

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