Thrifty Thursday

As you may have read, we’ve been suffering from allergies lately at our house, so I’ve been taking Zyrtec…which has been working quite well. Only issue is cost…it’s about $20 a bottle which isn’t quite a months worth. Boooo! But whaddya know Walgreen’s happened to have a deal on it this week, and I was more than happy to take advantage of it and a few more good deals.

2 Zyrtec liquid gels on sale for 18.99/ea – $8 in coupons = 29.98 ($10 in RR) total $9.99/ea after RR
Crest Pro Health on sale for 3.99 – $2 coupon = 1.99 ($1 RR) total .99 after RR
Olay Quench Lotion on sale 7.99 – $1 coupon = 6.99 (mail-in-rebate available for 7.99) total +$1 after coupon & MIR
Olay Quench In-Shower Lotion 4.99 – FREE w/ above Olay Quench Lotion purchase
Scotch Magic Tape 1.99/ea – WG coupon making .79/ea – $1 in coupons = .29/ea
2 Planters Trail Mix on sale for 1.50/ea -$1 WG coupon – $3 in coupons = total +$1 after coupons
WG Green bags .99/ea – WG coupon making them 3/$1
I did this in 2 transactions because I had a $5 RR from a previous Zyrtec purchase that I needed to use. So after both transactions (including tax & using the $5 RR) my total out of pocket was $38.86. Plus I got a $10 RR & I will receive a check for 7.99 for the Olay Quench Lotion. Woot! ;)

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