Thrifty Thursday

Well, yesterday I made a Walgreen’s run, and did pretty good.  If you can time things right, and have high value coupons, you can really get some great deals.  Aside from some stuff we needed for our vacation (Goggles & disposable cameras), I was able to purchase 2 Christmas presents…yes, I said Christmas.  We are finished with birthdays until Grayson – 2 days after Christmas, so when I find deals on gift type items, I grab them up & put them in my stash.  They will be Christmas presents unless a rogue birthday party is thrust our way…if so, then some random kid gets a pretty good gift.  Okay, on to the details…

LPS Playset 4.99 on sale from 19.99
Hyper Dash game 4.99 on sale from 19.99
Goggles $5
Chinet Plates on sale for 2/$3 – (2)$1 C = .50/ea
Kodak Cameras on sale for 12.99 – $5 C = 7.99
Schick 5 blade razor on sale for 7.99 – $5 C= 2.99 + $4 RR= $1 MM (+ MIR for purchase price = $9 MM)
Post Grape Nuts Cereal on sale for 1.99 – $2 C= FREE
Listerine 5.99/ea – (2)$2 C & (2) $3WGC= .99/ea (+ $10 Prepaid debit card from Instyle Magazine = $8MM)
(not pictured) VO5 Shampoo/Conditioner .69/ea (used a rain check from last week)
Nivea for Men 5.99 – $1 C= 4.99 + $6 RR = $1MM
Total = Out of pocket including tax 42.55 + $10 RR & $18 in rebates/debit card = Everything above for 14.55 =)

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