Thrifty Thursday

This week was a good week for me in the thrifty department. As you all know, I have 4 kids who are growing like stinking weeds, and 3 that are destructive when it comes to their clothes. Pickle is the most destructive, which is not cool because she has surpassed Princess2T in size & is now the passer rather than the passee in the clothes department. My main problem with her destructiveness is the stains. For some reason, I am not the greatest at stain removal. It may have to do with the fact that clothes occasionally get hidden for a couple days before making their way into the hamper…or I may just stink at it. Regardless, since Pickle outgrew Princess2T, NO jeans have made the grade to be passed down. There have been a few passed from Princess2T to Chubbs, but nothing from Pickle. So, when I saw this deal, I had to jump on it. The ‘Cookie’s The Kids Department Store’ site had some jeans for HUGE discounts. I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of jeans for Princess2T & 2 pair for Chubbs (Pickle received several pair for Christmas/her Birthday).

Regular non-sale retail price would have been $169 + shipping…I chose items on Clearance & used a coupon code and paid less than $39 shipped. They are all super cute & I can’t wait for the girls to see them!

Okay, on to my Walgreen’s run…

(6) small boxes of heart candy – Reg. price 2/$1, after WGC .39/ea = $2.34 total

(2) Ester-C Gummies $6.99/ea  - B1G1 = 2/$6.99 – (2) $2 coupons = $2.99 total

(3) Kraft Mac & Cheese – Reg. price $1.49/ea, after WGC .69/ea = $2.07 total

Omega Smart Super Critical Fish Oil – $10 – $2 coupon = $8 – $10 MIR = $2 profit

Pedia-Care Cold Relief – $5.99 – $1.00 coupon = $4.99 – $4 RR = .99 total

(3) Bag candy – Reg. price $.99/ea, after WGC .79/ea = $2.37 total

So after, RR & MIR, I ended up paying $8.72 for everything pictured.

One thought on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Found you on BNC’s site, so glad I did! Wow, I am impressed with the couponing. I did this years ago but have quit. I’m saving Sunday’s ads and try to learn something from you! Come over to the Rogers area and visit grannymountain!

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