Thrifty Thursday

Wow…this week has been so crazy that I didn’t post this because I’ve been thinking all day that it was Wednesday. Froggy is having an off day, so is currently taking a nap. You’d think I’d sent him to prison rather than his bed by the sobbing earlier. It was pitiful. Anyways, on to the savings!

Ya gotta love a good Walgreens smackdown. This week I planned on making more than one trip…mainly because when I went in on Monday, they were out of something I had printed a coupon for that would have ended up being a moneymaker for me, but I’ve been busy.

Monday's Haul

Transaction #1
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (2) $5/ea = $10 – (2).50 coupons – (2)$1 WG coupon = $7 – $3RR = $4 for both (or .17/roll)
Tylenol Precise Neck/Arm $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
J&J Travel Size First Aid Kit (2) $1.49/ea – .75 (B1G1 50% off) – $1.50 coupon = $.73 for both
J&J First Aid Case $4.99 – $4.99 (from purchasing the 2 travel kits) = FREE
Transaction # 1 total = $10.50 (including tax) out of pocket & received $5RR

Transaction #2
Tylenol Precise Cream $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
Irish Spring Deodorant (2) $4/ea = $8 – $4 (B1G1 FREE) – (2) $1 = $2 for both
Glade Candle $3.79 – $3.79 (coupon for FREE candle) = FREE
Gogos Crazy Bones Sample = FREE
Transaction #2 total = $5.40 (including tax) out of pocket & received $2RR

I also grabbed a Redbox movie (in the pouring rain…not too fun) for FREE. If you haven’t already, you can join their mobile club by texting the word REDBOX to 727272. You’ll get a code the first Monday of the month good for a free rental that day only.

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