Thrifty Thursday

I was totally NOT thrifty this week since we were on our family vacation in St. Louis. I did however have a chance to use (2) $50 off $100 Old Navy coupons.

Here is the stuff I bought…
4 – V-Neck Layering Camis – Purple, Red, Pink, & Navy
1 – Linen Blend Camp Shirt – Red
1 – V-Neck Pocket Tee – Yellow
1 – Graphic Jersey Polo
1 – V-Neck Tee – Green
1 – Old Navy Graphic Tee – Orange (For Greg)
1 – Black & White Striped Dress
1 – Green Tea Body Wash
1 – Hand Lotion – not pictured
1 – V-Neck Layering Camis – Grey
2 – Graphic Polos (for Grayson)
1 – Graphic Jersey Polo
1 – V-Neck Tee – Purple
2 – Denim Bermuda Shorts (Dark – Kara, Light – Kylie)
1 – Belted Denim Capris (for Trinity)
1 – Smock Top – Pink (For Kylie)
1 – Printed Pique Polo – Brown (for Trinity)
1 – Sleeve-less Pocketed Tunic – Purple (for Kara)
1 – Crochet Sleeve Top – Brown (for Kylie/Trinity)
Including tax we paid right around $115 for all of this. I plan on purging out some stuff that I never wear but hate to get rid of because I plan on being that size again. My new plan is to wear what fits, then when I lose some pudgy-ness, buy more clothes. =)
I also must brag once more that we got a FANTASTIC deal on our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Riverfront for $219 total for 3 nights, which normally would run $527 for 3 nights. Unfortunately we did have to pay parking which was $20/night. We also used coupons at the Magic House saving us $17. We had a wonderful family vacation which I plan on blogging about over the next week with lots of pictures! =)
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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. How did you find the coupon? I've been to the site several times and can never find a coupon.

  2. Wow… you scored some great stuff. I have a $50/$100 to use also but we are holding out til after payday on the 1st since the coupon is good until July 2.

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