Thrifty Thursday on a Friday…I’m baaaack! ;)

I figured this week, I’d post a few pictures of how I did on back to school shopping, plus what I did this week. The first 3 pictures are of all the school supplies required for my girls to go back to school, along with new backpacks & new shoes. For everything pictured, I spent less than $100…that includes the shoes! (Not sure why Kylie & Kara’s shoes didn’t make it into the photos, but they got cool new shoes too!)

This week I went to Walgreen’s, and since I wasn’t planning on going, I didn’t have my coupon arsenal. I had to run in for a basic necessity item, and decided to check out the clearance section. Typically our Walgreen’s clearance section is lame, but occasionally I can find some really good deals. This was one of those days. I bought the following ‘seasonal’ items for around 75% off each!

Jumbo Bat & Ball – Reg. 6.99 on sale for $1.74
(2) Camping Chair – Reg. 6.99 on sale for $1.74/ea
(2) Super Miracle Bubbles 80oz. – Reg. 3.00/ea on sale for $.75/ea
(2) Splash Double Shot Water Gun – Reg. 2.00/ea on sale for $.50/ea
Total = $7.72!

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