To-Do Tuesday

Okay…clean slate was maybe a little over ambitious…severely slimmed down ‘To-Do List’ is more like what actually occurred. I am still ‘Rockin’ & Rollin’ in the FlyLady wagon, and am sporting some crazy organizational skillz all of a sudden. It’s like an OCD maid has taken over my body…I’m totally loving it, as is my family…most of the time. Even though I was positive I’d have a clean slate to work with this week, I am pretty pleased with what I accomplished. I may not have knocked off as many items as I wanted, but I did ALOT not on the list. So…on to this week!
1. Keep decluttering & orgainizing…I’m on a roll!

2. Read – daily quiet time & finish grossly overdue library book.
3. Continue planning for Grayson’s & Kylie’s birthdays…almost finished with over a month to spare!
4. Work on a few straggling reviews, and post actual content on my blog.
5. Wrap Grayson’s Christmas presents if he takes a nap this week when he goes to bed.
6. Finish taping off at the church so we can start painting a totally sweet design in the kids area.
7. Take more ‘donate’ stuff to the thrift store!
8. Stick to menu plan for the week…
9. Go exploring in the garage for runaway items needed for Christmas & stuff to donate/trash/sell.
10. Work on getting blog transferred over…with the help of genius programmer hubby. (Really questioning if this is EVER going to happen.)

I ‘stole’ the following from Crazy Adventures in Parenting…the fearless leader of To-Do Tuesday. =)

Would you like to join us this week for To-Do Tuesday? Start with just a few things. Don’t over-do it your first couple of times. You’ll grow to become a list-a-holic later, start small now, though, k?
Just so you know, you can join us at anytime, it doesn’t have to be on Tuesdays – the list will go up every Tuesday for you to link to, but you can make your list and link to us at any point in the week!

Remember, with “To-Do Tuesday”, we’re attacking our to-do lists each week, blogging about our lists and what we’ve got going on, and sharing it with each other to help keep each other accountable. Everyone should come back here to link up in the MckLinky as the central “To-Do Tuesday Hub” so we can visit who’s participating and offer encouragement to each other throughout the week. Don’t forget to add the “To-Do Tuesday” button to your post, linking back to this post!

Let’s continue to cross items off our list as we go and help support each other in completing our lists! Don’t forget my useful HTML tutorial on how to effectively “cross-out” or √ “check off” your items on your to-do list!

Joining us? We’re using a new linky alternative called MckLinky! Please add your link below (to your To Do Tuesday post, and not the main page of your blog).

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