To-Do Tuesday

1. Stick to my workout 6 days this week. M-√ T- W- T- F-√ S-
2. Blog. M-√ T-√ W-√ T-√ F-√ S-
3. Write in journal.
4. Return library books.
5. Fix T’s bike.
6. Shop @ Walgreens. (see weekly deals at STL Mommy I’m totally addicted)
7. Clean out refrigerator.
8. Menu, list w/ coupons, & shop for 2 weeks.
9. Write reviews.
10. Prep Father’s Day present for kids to finish on Friday.

11. Finish prep for Trinity’s Thank You Notes + extras.
12. Call various people about things I’ve been avoiding…UGH!
I did fairly decent on my list from last week. I am hoping to someday actually mark every line off my list! Maybe this week…
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