To-Do Tuesday

So….if you looked at last weeks list, you pretty much know this weeks list.  I started alot of projects, got about halfway through, lost motivation, and put it away.  I have got about half of the kids school supplies bought, tagged & in their backpacks, so I’m in pretty good shape.  I tore apart the closet, and began organizing the crap stuff that has been thrown in there, but didn’t get very far…I’m thinking I only need to put one major project on my list per week.  Otherwise, I feel like I failed. *sob* ;)  So with the mindset of taking it down a notch…here’s the revised list.

1. Continue to blog about our wonderful Florida vacation, complete with lots of pictures. =)

2. Finish scanning boot camp year book & return to amazing USMC friend in Missouri. (Thanks Nicole!)

3. Plan menu for next 2 weeks. (Complete w/ shopping list & coupons.)

4. Send out care packages to my sister & my aunt.

5. Finish organizing closet. (Need some nice photo boxes or bins or some type of storage container.)

6. Get hubby to FINALLY fix blog problems. (Not sure why I keep putting this one on here…it’s not happening.)

7. Have quiet time everyday. (Actually multiple quiet times…I think I deserve more than one.)

This list is, of course, in addition to my daily ‘To-Do List’s’ that I have to have to function.  If you’d like to join in on the To-Do List ‘fun’, feel free to link to your site using the MckLinky below.

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