To-Do’s 5 year old style…

So, I am always making to-do lists…daily, weekly, someday, for me, for hubby, for kids, for individual chores, etc. I don’t always accomplish what is on my list, but it’s always there just waiting for me to check it off. This habit seems to have rubbed off on my 5 year old. He decided he wanted to make a list of things he wanted to do today, and since he’s only 5 and doesn’t know how to spell everything he drew pictures instead.

Best. List. Ever.

Here is a key explaining what each icon means…according to what Froggy told me.
1. Throw a hot wheels car & it land on it’s wheels game.
2. Running – exercise
3. Staring – so my eyeballs give more attention to my friends.
4. Writing 10 things – writing exercise to get my hand ready for school.
5. Hold up 1 finger for 5 minutes – exercise
6. Standing for 5 minutes – exercise helps you if you’re standing and someone tells you to stay.
7. Put together a puzzle.
8. Play with Pokemon cards.
9. Rocking in rocking chair as fast as I can.
10. Clean my room.
11. Play with the dogs.
12. Read a book.
13. Nap
14. Play tag.
15. Draw clouds.
16. Build lego alien and take a picture for contest.
17. Pick up trash in my room.
18. Play on iphone.
19. Jump on trampoline – exercise.
20. Look for quarters to take to Larry’s Pizza to win tickets.
21. Look at other peoples eyeballs – to see what color they are to help you remember stuff.
22. Color
23. Make bed.
24. Look at Silly Band collection.
25. Take shower.
26. Look for dollars.
27. Love Mom really much.

Of course, #27 is my favorite.

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