Total Meltdown

Last night I took Grayson and Trinity over to my friend Whitney’s for dinner…leaving Greg home to get some work done in peace.  Whitney and her husband Josh have a dog named Willy.  Willy is a puppy – Australian Shepard I think – and is adorable.  He has grown quite a bit since the last time I’d seen him, but still loves to jump so he had to stay in the back.  Willy cried alot since he could hear us out in the living room, and Grayson kept shouting “Shush!” at him…which was cute for about 2 minutes.  The food was yummy, and I really enjoyed spending time with my friend – seems like I hardly ever see her anymore.  After we finished dinner, Josh came home and decided to let Willy out.  Grayson freaked out…and when I say freaked out, I mean FREAKED OUT!  There was a look of terror I have never seen on that sweet face, and lots of screaming.  Willy did nothing aggressive, just came running to see what was going on.  (Trinity played a part in Grayson’s terror by screaming (playfully) when Willy came out.)  I picked Grayson up to comfort him, and the poor little guy was trembling.  So, what do I do next?  What any good mother would do…give him a cookie to make him feel better.

BTW…Greg finished up some stuff he’s been working on, but none of the things I had on “The List”.  I think he plots against my list.

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