Expecting at least a dozen or so kids to trick-or-treat at our house, we prepared mummies filled with candy, BNC Hallowin DVD’s, plus a huge bowl full of extras to make the kiddos happy.
We were having friends over, and I promised to bring cookies up to our church for the Hallowin party, so Grayson helped me make 6 dozen cookies. Half were made with chocolate cake mix, and the other half were made with yellow cake mix tinted orange to be festive.
We also made pizza, beer dip, banana slush punch, various soda and Brandon & Sarah brought apple cider & a red velvet cake roll. (I didn’t get pictures of everything, so just visualize more food. LOL)

We then dressed up, and waited for the slew of trick-or-treaters…which actually totaled 1. One little trick-or-treater…what the heck? Anyways, Grayson was Spider-Man complete with muscles, Greg was a doctor, and I was Super Mom.

Our friends James & Tera brought their boys over to play (they were dressed as Optimus Prime & Woody…too cute). Grayson & Conner played until almost 1:30am. What better way to ensure getting to sleep in the next morning?

I didn’t get good pictures of Brandon & Sarah, but they were hippies…Brandon had an afro, it was great. ;) We spent the evening hanging out, quizzing each other with ‘The Office Trivia Game’ questions, and just enjoying the company of some of our bestest friends. Even though we had only one lonely trick-or-treater, I would say the evening was quite a success. Everyone had a good time, and we had lots of delicious snacks to enjoy!

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