Trinity’s 8th Birthday…Part 1

I have been stressing & working my behind off over Trinity’s birthday. The original plan was to have a big party at our house with all her friends from school on June 7th. She wanted an “Arctic” Webkinz Party, and I had most of the details planned out. We then get a call from Amy saying she had to have the girls (Kylie & Kara) for a family reunion that day, so we changed the party date to the 8th after church. About a week later, we received another call from her stating she would need to keep the girls until Sunday night. So, after talking to Trinity, we decided to have a small family party on May 29th, then take her to Branson on the 7th for a day all about her. (I was very frustrated that I had to change my daughter’s birthday plans repeatedly to accomodate her plans – even though it was our weekend – but we finally got it all worked out.) Trinity was happy with the change…she got her Arctic Party that her sisters were able to attend, and she will get a day all about her.

The cake took me 2 days total to bake, make the fondant, and create the finished product…which I was very pleased with. (Plus, it was delicious!)

She LOVED the gifts she received, and she really enjoyed spending time with her family. She is growing up so fast…I am astounded at how she has grown. She is an amazing kid – I couldn’t imagine a better daughter.

Part 2 (Trinity’s Day in Branson) will be posted sometime after June 7th.

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