Trying this…again.

So, my kids have been being slobs lately, and I’ve had enough. After going downstairs for the¬†umpteenth¬†time after asking them if they’ve done blah, blah, blah, and them saying yes, only to discover it wasn’t actually done, I got out the floor mop. I scooped everything out from under dressers and beds, from behind couches, things shoved in closets, and items strategically placed on dressers & windowsills…and formed a pile…in each room. You put your laundry in the hamper? You cleaned under your bed? You hung up and put away the clothes I lovingly folded? Um…yeah, sure ya did.

Family Room Pile

T's Pile

K & K's Pile aka Pile in the Fight Club

So instead of playing outside on this gorgeous day, they are cleaning…and fighting. And I am ignoring them…and eating the rest of the Easter candy. Bam!

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