UnitedHealthcare Student Insurance *REVIEW*

Recently I was given the opportunity by MomSelect to write a review on UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. UHCSR is a division of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company dedicated to student insurance programs for over 40 years. Because UHCSR focuses on students, they claim to have a better understanding of the unique needs of this age group. UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has earned parent confidence and a national reputation by offering only the finest, HIPAA-compliant student health plans. They offer several plans/supplements including Health Plan, 24-hour (injury only), At-school (injury only), Extended Dental, and Football. The health plan offers protection/coverage for injury AND sickness, 24/7/365, and is available to K12 students ages 5-18 (4-18 in TX). While the K12 Health Plan can provide a level of protection for uninsured children, it is also being purchased by many families who have high deductible employer coverage. If parents have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to meet their employer plan deductible, the K12 Health Plan can reimburse them for their children’s eligible medical expenses while they are working toward meeting their employer plan’s deductible.
Many (Over 2000), but not all public school systems/districts throughout the US participate with UHCSR to offer this plan. From small rural school districts to the largest in the nation such as Los Angeles Unified and Miami/Dade County. UHCSR has challenged national trends by INCREASING benefits while KEEPING the premium at 2008 levels. Designed to be affordable at $588 per policy year or $98 every two months. Parents can enroll their student at any point in the school year.
Personally, we wouldn’t use this insurance because our kids are covered under a state funded plan. I do believe this insurance is offered in our area (after doing some reading on their web site, I seem to remember the photo coming home on an application at the beginning of the year), but when I went to look up ‘Plans and Pricing’ I received the following error message:
I attempted to locate information regarding coverage, copays, prescription coverage, eligibility requirements, etc., but was unsuccessful. There are several different kinds of insurance offered to cater to your needs, but there aren’t really enough details on any to make a decision without directly contacting someone. (There may be more details available to someone who’s school doesn’t generate an error.) From what little information I was able to gather, the ‘Health Plan’ would be the one that we would need. If I remember correctly, over the past year, we have been to the ER twice with 2 different children. The first one has an exaggerated reaction to pain…she tends to pass out and convulse. It looks like a seizure, but after several tests including brain scans, they say it is not seizures. The other trip was an overreaction to poison ivy…poor kid said she didn’t want to go to school because she “looked like a monster”. Also, the 2 kids who made the trip to the ER also suffer from allergies and are on daily medication for that as well.
I really like the fact that they offer a Football plan, which is an additional plan that provides injury only coverage for High School Interscholastic Football. I have been hearing a lot about high school football injuries lately, and I feel that it is very important to take care of our students that participate in sports. Personally, I feel that if a player is injured during practice or a game, the school should cover any needed medical attention, but that’s just my opinion. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and choosing an insurance policy is a very important decision. There should be careful research and total understanding of policy coverage and limitations, so if you have questions about your current coverage or coverage on a policy you are looking into purchasing be sure to ask your agent!
Learning More and Enrolling: Go to https://www.k12studentinsurance.com Click on Plans & Pricing tab and enter school district name (or just a few letters) to find and select the child’s school. Click View Plan Materials to see the plan brochure, and review the Student Health Plan Coverage page regarding Student Injury and Sickness Benefits. When ready to enroll, click the Enroll Now button on the Plans & Pricing tab (or from the Home page). Complete some information about the child, select the Injury and Sickness plan, create an account, and make a payment by credit card or e-check.

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