Unlimited Cuteness…

There is an endless supply of cuteness that I get to enjoy everyday.  Some days it is like a geyser consistently bombarding me with nearly overwhelming feelings of love and awe that I have been blessed so greatly.  Other days, it is a trickle…brightening a rough day.  Regardless of how it is supplied, it is endless.  Here’s a few instances from the last couple days.

Greg & I were joking around, I punched him in the arm, he retaliated playfully.  Me (laughing): Ow!  That hurt!  You frogged me!  Grayson (acting like I am crazy): Momma! He is NOT a frog!

A few minutes after waking up… Grayson: Momma, I’m hungry.  Can you fix my breakfast?  Me: Yes, sir. Do you want a bagel or cereal?  Grayson: Crackers.  Me: You can’t have crackers.  Bagel or cereal?  Grayson: Cereal. Me: What kind? You can’t have the one with the peaches, you ate it all yesterday.  Grayson: Mom, I don’t want peaches. I want the other kind.  Me: Good, you can’t have peaches because you ate it all yesterday. It’s gone. I threw the box away. Grayson: Mom! I don’t want the peaches kind. I want a different kind!  (This went on a good 5 minutes.  Then he was about half way through his cheerios when I hear…) Grayson (to himself): Ohhhhh! I ate all the peaches!

Grayson: Momma, can I do my homework? I want to write my name.

While eating dinner, Grayson was chatting with the girls, and said something cute (that I can’t quite recall). Me: Grayson… Grayson (cutting me off, sounding exasperated): I know, I’m too cute…and smart. Me (slightly shocked): Uh, yes you are! The girls then erupted in laughter.

I am so blessed to be the mother of my wonderful children.  I know my girls don’t get as much blog content as Grayson does, but that’s just because they’re not with me near as much.  They are all hilarious, and keep life interesting.  I have the most amazing husband on the planet, and I thank God each day for him. I’m not sure how this post went from being all about cuteness to being so mushy, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. ;)

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