What a way to start the weekend…

About 10 minutes after I got up this morning, I get a call from the school. Chubbs threw up on the bus & I need to go get her. I threw clothes on, got Froggy ready, and headed out the door. Not cool to have to show up at your kids school unshowered and with sleep creases on your face. I can tell you she looked worse than I did…pale and weak sitting in the chair clutching her backpack. I signed her out & we headed home. She hadn’t eaten breakfast, so I gave her a piece of toast and some juice. She only ate about half the toast, but sucked down the juice. I had her take a shower & get into her pj’s, braided her hair, and now she’s snuggled in a blanket sleeping on the couch.

Sleeping Away The Sick!!!

Praying whatever stomach bug she has doesn’t spread to the others, and that she’s better tomorrow…we have fun family plans!

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