Worms With Ears

Last week, Grayson was taking a bath and began shouting for me. Not a normal ‘Mooooommmm’ shout but a frantic ‘Mom! Mom!’ I ran into the bathroom to find him out of the tub curled in a little shivering ball on the bathmat. He began excitedly telling me about a worm with ears that was in the bathtub. I removed all the dinosaurs and found nothing. He said it peeped out of the silver drain control thing (not sure what it’s technical name is), and looked at him. He said it was black with brown and had ears, from here the story took on a mind of its own. The worm wanted cheese, tried to bite his toe, wanted to watch TV, etc. Of course, none of this made sense, so I kinda blew it off…teased him about being silly, made him giggle to ease his mind, and coaxed him back in the tub to rinse.

Today, I go to start Grayson’s bath…and what falls out of the silver drain control thing? A centipede. My son’s 3 year old description of this creature was pretty good. His large antennae could totally be seen as ears in a child’s mind, and this thing was crazy so, yeah, I might think it wanted to bite my toe if I saw it too. It could have been the hot water I was pouring on it or the fact that I was screaming for someone to ‘get me a shoe!’ I wish I had thought to snap a photo, but I was too busy ‘Ewww! Ewww! -ing. Here’s the closest picture that I could find as to what it looked like.


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