Wow…busy, busy.

I have been insanely busy lately and have totally neglected my blog…again. I am not going to go into a list of all the mundane tasks I’ve been swamped with, the numerous sudden stresses my poor spirit has been bombarded with, or how my amazing life is seeming to begin to fray at the edges. What I will do is thank you all for being such great readers and friends. Many of you have ‘checked’ on me, offered prayers of encouragement, etc., and I must say that I simply love you guys! Here is a little sneak preview of what I’ve got planned for the next couple weeks…

1. Actual content…woohoo!
2. A giveaway with retail value of $25!
3. A few reviews…Sensa (with FREE trial!), Glade Sense & Spray, & more!
I really appreciate you guys sticking with me even though I’ve been off the blogging wagon for a week or so. Thanks for being the greatest readers on the planet! =)

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