Yoga-ing it up!

Today I decided to actually do yoga rather than just think about doing yoga.  Lately I have been weirdly hurting myself & I am blaming it on being out of the habit of doing yoga instead of the fact I’m closing in on 31.  hehe  During this morning’s yoga session, which should last about 45 minutes after fast-forwarding through all the commercials, Grayson sat in his high chair nicely eating breakfast.  He would ask me ‘What doing Momma?’ and I would respond with ‘yoga’ half the time since I don’t know the names of most of the poses.  After about 25 minutes or so I let him down from his chair.  By this time I am sweating, popping every time I move, and struggling not to fall over.  Grayson feels that this is the perfect time to attack me.  He proceeds to climb on me if I am in any position that more than one limb is touching the floor.  I “reluctantly” give in, and end my yoga session for the day.  He then decides he wants to yoga, and takes over my mat.

I am hoping to get back into the habit of doing yoga everyday…if I can keep control of my mat.

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