Young "Love"

Kylie, my 7 year old, has an admirer. Friday night, 2 of the girls’ friends stayed the night. It got a bit wild with 6 kids (a large and quite heavy mirrored closet door was seriously injured), but overall they were good. Saturday morning while we were enjoying pecan pancakes and cantaloupe, our doorbell rang. I answered it…surprise, surprise…no one was there. (We have been the victims of ‘Ding, Dong, Ditch’ quite often lately…I now know the culprits.) I looked down and discovered this.

A gift…for Kylie. It consisted of a years supply of friendship bracelets, flowers, and a ring on a sheet of paper with ‘To Kylie’ scrawled in the handwriting of a love struck 7 year old boy. Upon further inspection of the paper the words ‘I love you’ were written and then erased. This token of his affections was greeted by excited yet embarrassed screams of 5 little girls. (2 of the girls were the above mentioned boy’s sisters.) Kylie reciprocated his gift with a strange assortment…a marble, a giant faux pearl bead, and a green ‘mardi gras’ type necklace. Accompanying these gifts were various notes from all the girls consisting of questions about a date in our back yard, and hearts painted with berry juice. (Not sure what’s up with the berry juice painting, but they’ve been making ‘paint’ with berries from outside…Trinity actually had to clean up a mess that her friends (different friends) made by ‘painting’ our nice cream colored brick with purple berries. She was not happy.) But that’s a whole different story…
Anyways, I find it quite disturbing that I am having to discuss ‘dating’ with my 7 year old. Granted, I have already had to have ‘the talk’ with my 9 year old because of some quite graphically horrifying questions posed to me, but to have the ‘You’re not dating…until you’re 18′ talk so soon? I have avoided ‘the talk’ with the 2 younger girls because I thought their biological mother may want to have that discussion, but I don’t think I can really put it off anymore. So, I’m praying that God will give me the right words, at the right time, and it not cause some huge drama down the line…wishful thinking.

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